It was apt that Sen. Richard Gordon refused to re-open the Senate inquiry on alleged Extrajudicial Killings (EJKs) on account of a witness’ “recantation” – because SPO2 Arthur Lascañas has shown that he has 0% credibility. His 180-deg. turn from his previous testimony, after being under the wings of the Catholic church – known staunch critics of Pres. Duterte’s war on drugs, casts shadow on his motivations.

Sen. Ping Lacson may not have a choice if the committee on peace and order that he chairs opens an inquiry on the matter. Liberal Party senators will likely see to that. It’s all about media mileage, although it is highly doubtful that they can muster the same hype that Congressman Umali’s committee hearings on the NBP drug trade and that Sen. Gordon’s committee hearings got on the so-called EJKs. Sen. Gordon’s committee findings after the hearings was “dead-on” (no pun intended) – that there was no gov’t-sponsored systematic liquidation of drug-trade personalities like Sens. Trillanes and De Lima would like us to believe. It’s simply a publicity stunt by both (limelight-hugging) public figures and Liberal Party (LP) agents.

Thanks to Sen. JV Ejercito’s probing in today’s Senate hearing on peace and order, SPO2 Lascañas admitted that after his retirement, he attempted to peddle “influence” in order to further or to establish businesses with friends in Davao and nationwide – all four attempts resulted to being turned down by various gov’t officials. This is clear enough motive that Lascañas wanted to get back at his former boss. Sen. Ping Lacson quickly insinuated that Lascañas may have felt bitter for his misfortunes.

If there’s a proliferation of “fake news” then Sen. Trillanes may be one of the biggest contributors, veiling them as “exposés” but may actually be just instruments of his “psy-ops” designed to create as much trouble as possible for his political foes. This may be how he views them that’s why he feels shameless. It is not surprising that even legitimate media is picking up the hype – controversy makes news more interesting. Unfortunately, controversial news means better viewership. Nothing like it sells better. That is why media personalities resorts to sprinkling gasoline on fire just so that they can keep it burning and people interested.