Just a few weeks’ ago, a CCTV in Taguig City caught an incident involving an 18-yr. old Adamson University student, Nick Russel Oniot, walking home who had the unfortunate fate of being the target of two vicious types of criminals. One perpetrator tried to grab the victim’s backpack – who instinctively resisted – but instead of using threats or coercion to make the victim back down, the second perpetrator suddenly and deliberately stabbed him (13 times) to death. In this case, justice was very swift – the stabber was caught within 24 hours and killed as he “resisted” escorting officers during a transfer and the other was also brought into custody but later died in jail.

On Tues., Dec. 13, 2016, a Grade 10 student in Baguio City, Kenneth Velasco, was brutally stabbed 40 times in what seemed like a robbery. The measly heist consists of the young victim’s cellphone and P200 school money. It is unimaginable how anyone can be capable of doing such a heartless act on an innocent child. I submit that such vicious perpetrator deserves the same fate as his victim or worse. Justice should be as quick in this case like the one in Taguig City.

In both cases, the modum operandi is so vicious that it is unimaginable that a human being can do it. However, for drugs-crazed individuals, it is not so difficult to imagine. Being on drugs may explain their heinous deeds – but it can never mitigate their guilt. In such cases, they’ve practically waived their right to life when they did drugs and decided to pick on the innocents with deadly intent.