The 2 Bureau of Immigration (BI) Asst. Commissioners, Michael Robles and Al Argosino, were reported to have been caught by camera (CCTV) in the act of receiving P50 million in bribe money from a representative (ex-Gen. Wally Sombrero) of fugitive Jack Lam but have the nerves to deny it. They are now claiming (after their wrongdoing was exposed) that it was a legitimate “operation” to flush out and catch would-be bribers in Lam’s group.

Legitimate operation? What operation? I think that they’re just divulging it only after they’ve been exposed! Besides, if it was a legitimate operation then proper, timely and ample notifications (with documentations) should have been done. There’s nothing but bundles of money and CCTV footage and ex-Gen. Sombrero that they can show for that.

They’ve got to be taking the public for a bunch of fools. Fraternity brothers and friends or not, Secretary Aguirre should not only fire their asses for putting him in a bad light but he should file charges against these two corrupt BI officers, too, – there’s enough evidence on the CCTV and from the bribers’ mouth! He should make an example out of them for besmirching the Duterte administration’s anti-corruption campaign.