When Metro Manila Dev’t Authority (MMDA) announced the start of the No-Contact Traffic Apprehensions System (, I knew that a sustained and strict implementation of the system is good for motorists’ road discipline and for add’l gov’t revenue for our traffic system’s overdue upgrades. Now that Pres. Duterte aims to cut income and other taxes, the penalties collected from erring motorists is a timely and good source of funding to augment the “savings” that the previous administration left.

Expect this source of funding to be significant because of the countless violations that we see on the road, private and public vehicles alike. Of course, the no-contact apprehension may take some time because of the due process of sending notices, waiting period, etc. before the actual remittance of penalties/fees but considering the no. of violators that we see occur on the road that MMDA Constables are unable to see or apprehend, we’re looking at a considerable amount of revenue here.

On top of the potential revenue, this measure will likely improve traffic discipline among motorists. Motorists tend to violate traffic rules when there are no traffic enforcers around because they know that they can get away with it. Or in the case of PUV violators, traffic enforcers and constable tend to shy away from potentially ugly confrontations. These road violations (and potential road mishaps) may be minimized, if not eliminated, now that “Big Brother CCTV” is watching over us.