There’s a proposal going around about the 4-day work week in order to ease traffic congestion in Metro Manila, this is good as long as the business sector doesn’t mind. Although eventually they may not have a choice anyhow but why don’t we try the 4-day school week first?

Every daily commuter knows that during summer vacation the usual long queues at LRT and MRT stations are drastically shorter and the usual choke points on major roads that happen on school zones are gone. That’s because a huge number of students (commuters or with vehicles) aren’t using the PUVs or roads. That’s what we’re aiming to re-enact one day every week throughout the rest of the year.

The Department of Education (DepEd) can surely work out a scheme wherein additional school hours on the 4-days will compensate the 5th day load thru home works and projects (U.P. Open University- like or off-campus type of education), right? Our students do not even need web connectivity for the off-campus “school day” because they can get and submit their required home works when they come to school during the rest of the week.

Parents and students will save a day’s worth of transportation, meal and other expenses and other hassles on a weekly basis. The University of the Philippines (U.P.), St. Paul’s University (Manila), iAcademy (Makati) and other universities and schools are already using this type of system and it works well. Why not implement this in most, if not all, learning institutions nationwide?