The U-Turn slot after West Ave. that previously served all vehicles going to SM North EDSA was closed in an effort by the Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) to help make traffic flow along EDSA smoother by diverting traffic to the much farther Quezon Ave. I think that motorists can bear the expense of the added distance if only to avoid a traffic buildup at the old U-Turn slot, but now the bottleneck is at Quezon Ave. and unless it affects the EDSA flow (their current mission) I fear that HPG doesn’t care.

As a motorist (and commuter) who frequents SM North EDSA coming from Monumento, I think that there’s a better solution to mitigate EDSA traffic buildup in the area and at the same time decongest the Quezon Ave. U-Turn slot:

Let private vehicles use the old U-Turn slot and let PUVs use the Quezon Ave. slot.

But it CAN’T be the other way around. Why? PUVs are the primary cause of the blockage – PUVs unloading at the outermost(rightmost) lane and PUVs emerging from West Ave. that “cross” EDSA in order to get to the old U-Turn slot. These practice by PUVs results to 4-5 out of the 6 lanes of EDSA getting blocked by PUVs trying to get to the old U-Turn slot.