A Phil. Long Distance Tel. Co. (PLDT) executive was over the news boasting that a recent “research” showed that the Philippines has risen to the No. 12 among countries with high-speed internet connection (in Asia-Pacific). What is he talking about?  I knew for a fact that in Hong Kong and Singapore, as way back as several years ago, the slowest internet speeds start at 12-15mbps (megabits per sec.) and their fastest may be twice or many times that.

In the Philippines, however, where our telcos (telecommunications companies) are making so much money by providing multi-tiered internet packages – internet connection speeds start at an unbelievable slow speed of 375-750kbps (kilobits per sec.) or 0.375-0.750mbps. The next package (for an add’l P336/month) is at 750kbps-1mbps – how can he say that we’ve become the 12th fastest?

Rating a country’s overall internet quality should be based on the slowest available, not the fastest. What’s the point of heralding “we have the 12th fastest internet connection speed” if most of our households can only afford the slowest (that is way too far, far behind other countries’ slowest)?

On the day that the slowest package will be 12-15mbps and at a price most Filipino households can afford – that’ll be the day that we can truly say that the quality of our country’s internet connectivity has become world-class.