Jansport backpacks aren’t inexpensive teens’ school gear, but apparently they’re popular. That is why we’ve had at least 3 over the years for my teenage daughter. They’re the “in” thing in school since she was in her elementary school days. They’re sturdy, with a life-time warranty on service, but they have a problem – the zipper often gets stuck on the covering flap.

And after I searched the internet, I found out that other Jansport backpack owners have been experiencing the same problem.

Jansport backpack designers didn’t think of sewing-in a cord along the edge of zipper covering flap in order to prevent the zipper from “eating it up” (getting stuck with it).

To Jansport backpack manufacturers: I appreciate the lifetime guarantee in case the zipper itself breaks – but the hassle of untangling the zipper every time it gets stuck with the covering flap is frustrating. A simple cord along the edge of the zipper’s covering flap should fix this and you should implement this immediately because the frustration will grow and will translate to existing customers looking for other brands.