Whoever got the “bright” idea of those medium and big, handle-less paper bags that Jollibee, KFC and other establishments use for their goods probably haven’t tried carrying a bag-full around the mall or riding crowded PUVs. The SM Store, The French Baker and other establishments who started with the same concept quickly realized their mistake and came out with paper bags with handles (BIG HURRAH to The SM Store and The French Baker!).


Either the “geniuses” at Jollibee and KFC haven’t realized this or they had but just didn’t care.

To Jollibee and KFC management: Follow the good example of The SM Store and The French Baker (who quickly learned from their initial oversight) by putting handles on your paper bags! You should also come up with a better, spill-free device for your take-out drinks.

Also, what’s with the paper cup holders that actually causes the lids to open and spill its contents? Besides, if the lid hadn’t pop-up, the cold sweat from the cups “melts” thru the board! Jollibee and KFC are just some establishments who uses this impractical (and idiotic) contraption for their beverage products.

To our government – national and local (LGUs): The plastic bag is one of the most practical innovations for cold and/or wet goods from the grocery or takeout counter – why insist on using paper even for these items? We need plastic bags on wet goods for the basic reason that they don’t collapse even when soaked. Regulate or manage or minimize the use of plastic bags, but don’t eliminate or ban it. In Singapore, they still use plastic bags widely and liberally because proper disposal and recycling is strictly adhered to.