Irate car owners at the SM City North EDSA-Annex carpark tonight, Tue., Aug. 16, 2016, can only blow their horns incessantly in pure disgust over a 65-min. waiting time at the exit ramps. I was one of the victims of this sheer folly. And the worst thing is – staff at the only exit booth didn’t even bother to offer an explanation or an apology when asked “What the heck happened?”. It was like adding insult to injury.

I’m unsure exactly when SM City North EDSA-Annex carpark started to implement the new carpark system wherein a parking card is issued and payment is made at the exit booth. The problem is – for the entire 5-levels or so of parking area there is only one(1) payment booth (located at the lowest level). What (the heck) were you geniuses thinking?

SM City North EDSA-Annex carpark planners should have OJT’d with Trinoma’s Ayala Properties Management before putting this new system in place. SM City North EDSA-Annex carpark personnel should have had a “fail-safe” or “fall-back” procedure in place in case this (fledgling) system failed – like it did on this night. It was quicker and easier with the old system where payment is made upon entering and tickets are collected by guards at the carpark exit ramp at every level.

To the management of SM City-Annex North EDSA carpark: SM City North EDSA-Annex carpark personnel were witnesses to the outrage expressed by car owners tonight – don’t let this sort of blunder happen again. Because next time, the “road rage” may actually explode into a tragedy.