As a parent of a child who attended St. James Academy, a 90-year old Catholic school in Malabon City, I experienced the yearly fund-raising effort of the Catholic Church called “Pondo ng Pinoy”. I think that the “Pondo ng Pinoy” concept is laudable and it should be promoted perpetually. However, to a parent whose child was annually “mandated” to collect and fill-up a sizable container of 25-centavo coins and NOTHING ELSE – it became an unnecessary burden.

Yes, we were not allowed to include 1-peso or 5-peso coins in the bottle, even if it meant more in total value. How outrageous is that? And during the time when the min. fare is 7.50 and 25-centavo coins became scarce, this noble undertaking became unreasonably burdensome.

In fact, it is almost impossible to collect a 500ml-bottle filled with 25-centavo coins with just change that our entire family comes across naturally. We have to go to the bank and get some (if they’re even available).

To the Catholic Church officials overseeing “Pondo ng Pinoy”: “Pondo ng Pinoy” is a great and noble undertaking that is why it should go on – but please don’t turn it into an unnecessary burden among children and parents. Let Catholic schools under your supervision or influence know that this endeavor should be encouraged but not compulsory and that they should consider including other coin denominations.