Consumerword isn’t only about what hurts, it is also about what feels good 🙂  I must say, that one of the best burgers in the 1970s is still one of the best today-Tropical Hut Classic. Before there were McDonalds, Jollibee, Burger King or the like, there was Tropical Hut Hamburger, and “it” was it. Those were the good ol’ days!

I’m happy to report, that Tropical Hut Classic Hamburger is still here today with its super-tasty broiled patty and its soft & tasty bun! And it is still wrapped in its signature aluminum foil – sealing-in that unique great taste & freshness!

Young ones today should try it coz they’ll love it, just like the young once did in the 1970s and 1980s!

HURRAY to Tropical Hut, keep the great times rollin’ & may you & your original Classic Hamburger live on for the next generations to enjoy.