I am writing to complain about Robinsons Malls’ policy “demonetizing” or invalidating old-design Robinsons Gift Certificates (GC) beginning June 1, 2016. This is tantamount to putting an expiration date on the instrument, which is prohibited. These GCs were paid for in advance for goods and/or services yet to be availed by the GC holder.

I am a Robinsons Gift Certificates patron for many years now and for Christmas 2015, I gave out a batch of leftover old design GC to clients, mixed with the new design.  I fear that some of them may try to redeem the old design Gift Certificates (GC) after May 31 – only to find out that they are worthless!

By invalidating the old-design Gift Certificates (GC) Robinsons Malls are circumventing the spirit of the “no expiration date” policy and effectively robbing me of my hard-earned cash. An article on the DTI clarification that purchased GCs should be free from an expiration date can be found at http://kickerdaily.com/posts/2014/11/dti-clarifies-issues-on-gift-certificates-and-expiration-dates/

I implore Robinsons Malls to stop this unfair and immoral business practice. Otherwise, more unsuspecting consumers like myself may fall victim to this unscrupulous scheme. I also intend to write the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and expose this matter via an open letter so that other consumers and potential victims in the Philippines and elsewhere will be made aware.