The so-called International People’s Court (IPT) came out with a verdict that Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is guilty of various crimes. IPT can come out with other absurb verdicts as much as it wants, it means nothing in practical jurisprudence.

IPT has no teeth and is powerless because major nations like the U.S., Russia, China, Israel and other world powers do not recognize its so-called rulings or verdicts. And that’s the simple truth. It is no different from the so-called “people’s court” held during political rallies by militants and leftists in the Philippines.

IPT is just a publicity tool used out of desperation by the international leftist movement and by political adversaries of governments around the world. A forum for a chance at their 15-minutes of fame or infamy. Go check on the backgrounds of those who comprise this so-called court and those who go to it – most if not all are left-leaning activists from various parts of the globe. Desperate attempt at media mileage is all it is worth.

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The International Criminal Court (ICC) is a highly-politicized body that is not recognized as a judicial authority by major nations like the U.S., China, Russia, Israel and many others. Just today, the U.S. threatened the ICC with sanctions if its judges or prosecutors make a move against the U.S., Israel or any of its allies ( The fact is, the ICC prosecutors and judges can only go after weak and vulnerable nations in its supposed “pursuit of justice” for human rights abuse victims. If you’re powerful enough, the ICC can’t go after you.

And like in the United Nations (UN), politics play a major part of how it operates. Israel had refused to be a party to the ICC because it has concerns that political pressure on the Court would lead it to reinterpret international law or to “invent new crimes”.

The Philippines should leave the ICC, it is a waste of taxpayers’ money. The Philippines is better off using the cash to strengthen our Armed Forces. Better yet, the ICC should disband. The ICC has become a tool for harassment by political adversaries from weak and vulnerable nations.

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President-Duterte-in-People-Power-2016Yes, 2016. People Power by the ballot happened on that fateful year. Political experts and veteran politicians didn’t see it coming and neither did most of the over 16-million Filipinos who overwhelmingly voted to catapult an unassuming Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte to the highest government position of the land. Davao City’s loss was the nation’s gain.

Scholars will probably be studying what happened for a long time. A humble Pres. Duterte dismisses it as an act of fate because he himself didn’t aspire for it or plan for it like most of his rivals did, but for many Filipinos – it was a deliverance from the decades of traditional politics that hound our unsteady system of government. Populism may be a recent global phenomenon but it apparently offended the “finer” sensibilities of some perceived elitist-wannabes and the traditional oligarchy. After all, they didn’t go through life trying to hone good manners and right conduct to end up having a leader who exhibits un-“statesman-like” demeanor through his foul mouth and gutter humor.

The fact is, we’ve never had a no-nonsense, hip-shooting, down-to-earth, socialist leader like Rodrigo Duterte and sadly we never will. Most Davaoeños are proud of him and so are the more than 16-million Filipino voters here and abroad.

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A grateful nation salutes our valiant men and women of the Armed Forces who have sacrificed so much and ask for so little. These gallant men and women deserved their Holy Land trip and much, much more. Thank you, Pres. Duterte, for your compassion and appreciation for them.

Watch Asec. Mocha Uson’s video coverage of wounded-in-action (disabled) AFP personnel who joined Pres. Duterte’s state visits to Israel and Jordan:

No other Philippine Commander-in-Chief has done for our uniformed men and women what Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte has done for them. We’ve neglected them so much for so long after the Marcos years that it is about time that we show them compassion and appreciation for the sacrifices they make. They deserve so much more.

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The documentary “Princes of the Yen” that aired on ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) last night tried to explain how powerful, moneyed cartels behind international banks that include the Int’l Monetary Fund, World Bank, European (Union) Central Bank and U.S. Federal Reserve manipulated and coerced less powerful nations into economic and political submission. These private groups are so powerful that they have tremendous influence on western powers (European and U.S. gov’ts) which in turn support them with economic, political and military might.

When the U.S. says, “you’re our ally so we will back you up” – it only means that they’re going to go as far as protecting their self-interests but beyond that, you’re on your own. Or in other words, “so long as it serves America’s interests, you can count on us”.

In 1992, Singapore’s PM Lee Kuan Yew said, “The Americans are great missionaries. They have an irrepressible urge to convert others.” Americans have the irrepressible urge to convert others because promoting and protecting their interests require that others are in their sphere of influence.

The U.S. isn’t taking on a resurgent powerhouse China because it is bullying its Asian neighbors, it is taking on China because the U.S. doesn’t want any competition in the region.


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5 Philippine Presidents allowed for Marcos burial at Libingan to happen


Five Presidents had the chance to pass a law or an executive order banning the burial of the late dictator and plunderer at the Libingan ng mga Bayani – but none did. All five presidents are guilty of political accommodation to the so-called “solid north” either for a chance at a political truce or votes or something else. No one wanted to bite the bullet by risking to alienate the (obviously) powerful Ilocano vote but now that Pres. Duterte is fulfilling his campaign promise, they’re blaming him.

This is a campaign promise that Pres. Rodrigo Duterte made and now that he has been elected president probably partly because of it, how can he not fulfill it? We shouldn’t blame Pres. Duterte because his predecessors chose to deliberately sit on their laurels because they wanted to avoid a political backlash from the powerful Marcos loyalists by enacting a law that will ban his burial at the LNMB. We can understand Pres. Cory’s position because of her reconciliation efforts after the EDSA revolution, but what are the others’ excuse?

The late, great PM Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore had this to say about Philippine society – “It is a soft, forgiving culture. Only in the Philippines could a leader like Ferdinand Marcos, who pillaged his country for over 20 years, still be considered for a national burial. Insignificant amounts of the loot have been recovered, yet his wife and children were allowed to return and engage in politics.”

We don’t want the Marcoses back because they might pillage the Philippine coppers even more. But blame this insanity to five Philippine Presidents after Marcos because it has always been a matter of political accommodation to the Marcos loyalists by the past five administrations.




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Lord John Dalberg Acton once quoted, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. This may be true in most cases, but not always.

The late Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore may be an exception – one of those remarkable individuals who rose to the pedestal of greatness through his resolve to “put things in order” for the general welfare. Of course, his successful leadership may have meant occasionally adapting a strongman’s tactics, but it seemed that he wielded that power for the greater good. Today he is generally revered for his work in transforming Singapore from third world city-state to first world status in one generation.

The Philippines needs a benevolent dictator – a selfless leader who is willing to bite the bullet in order to restore social balance and discipline first, over any so-called democracy. A leader who will not be swayed by temptations of power and riches. A leader who won’t be cowed by the affluent elite or the contemptuous minority. A leader who is willing to use strongman’s tactics just so he can “put things in order”. So that we may be able to progress, our society needs discipline and resolve, over democracy.


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THE ANATOMY OF U.S.-SPONSORED FAILED STATES: The U.S. is at it again in the case of Syria


Iraq, Libya and now Syria – the U.S. brand of “democracy” obviously isn’t working for certain cultures and peoples so that is why these countries are now failed states or on their way to becoming one. Warlordism has become of Iraq and Libya but thanks to Russia, most of Syria hasn’t gone to that yet.

For a long time, Col. Muammar Khadafy ruled with an iron fist in Libya and so did Pres. Saddam Hussein over Iraq. There may have been ruthlessness and abuses committed, but each dictator held together their people as a nation. But as the world knows now, U.S.-style “democracy” may not be suitable for some cultures. In fact, in some cultures, benevolent dictatorships may have been a necessity rather than a choice.

Did you know that Saudi Arabia and Jordan have some of the longest-ruling authoritarian regimes in the world? Saudis have rare local (municipal-level only) elections but the national gov’t is run with an iron fist by absolute monarchy. Jordan have national elections but the Senate is appointed by the King. Their secret to success? The U.S. needs their alliance for regional stability and they’re willing to give it. So even if they rule with ruthlessness, the U.S. looks the other way.

The U.S. and western powers had always considered and will always consider their self-interests first before they do for Iraqis, Libyans or Syrians or anyone else. “Liberate”, take and leave. This is what they did to Iraq and Libya, and if Russia hasn’t step in to help Pres. Bashar al-Assad, this is what they’d probably done to Syria, too. Of course, Russia will likely also benefit from their partnership with the Assad regime, but at least Syria won’t disintegrate into warlordism and chaos.




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A grateful nation owes these men-in-uniform much more. PRRD is right to bring them along. This is no gov’t junket wherein an official has been in and out of the country 10 or so times in a year coz these men are retiring after serving our country well.

Pres. Duterte knows how to show his gratitude for men-in-uniform who has served their country with honor and patriotism. I’d like to think that this is part of his style for successfully managing Davao City. Uniformed men and women who served with honor and dedication are rewarded with a meager show of appreciation for their years of service. This is how it should be done.

Critics who know no better than to find fault and earn media mileage say that it is a junket that PRRD is supposedly against – and they’re conveniently omitting the fact that PRRD fired officials who were in and out of the country numerous occasions. These uniformed personnel are retiring after a distinguished career – where is the comparison?



True, it is unrealistic to expect LGUs to keep their sidewalks and streets clear of obstruction less they ignore the risk of losing votes come next election. To a lot of their constituents, doing this may be like “biting the hand that feeds you”. That is why MMDA should expand their street and sidewalk clearing operations task force to cover more ground and operate with more frequency. And since this is the LGUs’ job that they’re doing for them – the LGUs should pay for the costs equitably.



Show of brazen arrogance by a motorist (claim to 15-minutes of infamy dubbed “5-minute girl”). She deserves more than just a ticket for hitting the MMDA enforcer’s motorbike and refusing to produce her license for a very long time. I’m so disappointed that Col. Nebrija let her and her husband get away with just a ticket. Shameless couple.

Gadget Addict has video that her van was completely blocking the pedestrian way and she deserved a ticket – with or without the 5-mins. To this alleged prosecutor, the 5-mins. grace period is for the towing, NOT for the obstructing violation ticket. Shame on you! Col. Bong Nebrija should’ve reminded her of that. She deserved that ticket the very moment MMDA got there!

I remember Pres. Duterte said that once he told a Davao judge to move his illegally-parked vehicle OR ELSE. The message was – you can’t do anything you want just coz you’re a gov’t official. The message got through to this judge and every gov’t officer after that incident. I hope that PRRD teaches this couple a lesson they’ll understand so that others will get the message, too.

Even with a public apology, MMDA should pursue all cases against her. Her apology should be no less than a guilty plea for each case. She should face the consequences of her shameless behavior in order to serve as an example that you can’t act like that to MMDA enforcers and policemen and get away with it via an apology.

UPDATE: Col. Nebrija suspects that the woman wasn’t carrying her license with her that’s why she couldn’t produce it (and hence the staged drama to buy some time for her equally arrogant husband to get it there). The more reason Col. Nebrija should’ve had it towed immediately after so much time had gone by. I’ve watched all of GA’s videos on MMDA Spec Ops and they’ve done it before – towed a car with the driver in it coz he refused to show his license and refused to get off the car. Why? He didn’t have his license with him and he had a shotgun underneath his seat.



The “Avenging Angel” is seen by David to stand “between the earth and the heaven, with a drawn sword in his hand stretched out against Jerusalem.” There has never been, and there will never be, another president like Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Nobody had, or will ever have, the courage to go against criminals, big business interests and the oligarchy – like Duterte has. The 1% elite, backed by the upper middle class who dream of membership into the club, have always had their way.

Let’s hope that the institutions and policies that he’ll establish during his term will be carried on by someone or by a party who believes the same ideals that he sought to promote.



Rodrigo Roa Duterte is officially the country’s 16th president. But for what it’s worth, allow me to recall an experience with the man a few years ago that convinced me he should be the one to hold the top government post of the land.

Tourism Malaysia officials accompanied us on this trip, and they requested me for some photos of Digong visiting the Sepang Circuit for promotional use. No problem, I reckoned. Plus, I supposed I would have the chance to meet one of the most colorful personalities in Philippine politics as well.

We finally caught up with Duterte in Kuala Lumpur. It was lunchtime and we were brought to a lakeside restaurant. He handed his calling card, and I swear it was like the scene from the movie Bedazzled, in which Elizabeth Hurley hands over her “The Devil” calling card to Brendan Fraser. His immaculately white card only had his name and the title “Vice Mayor” written on it. Not making this stuff up!

“Do you ride?” he asked. “Because I have an extra Harley-Davidson I want to dispose of.”

As it turned out, he wasn’t joking, despite the smirk that followed his query. He really was looking for someone to take the Harley motorbike from his hands because he hardly got to ride it.

“Just take it if you want it,” he added.

Now, I had ridden a motorcycle when I was 12. I had also taken a 400cc bike around the block, but for me to say yes to a Harley? That would have been way beyond my league. So I politely declined the offer.

Lesson learned from the encounter? The next time Rodrigo Duterte says something, take him seriously for it. The Harley motorbike went to some other guy; let’s just say he’s grinning from ear to ear right now.

Photos and article by Mikko David for Top Gear Philippines. Read the complete article on Top Gear Philippines at

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